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Christmas season 2015

Where do you spend Christmas 2015

When considering a venue where to spend Christmas, we all feel we should spend it with our family.

This however is not as simple as it sounds. Expectations are high this time of the year. We all expect from others more than we can – or will give. Not in terms of physical gifts, but mainly in form of compassion.

Our new world has no time left for such luxury. Everyone is concerned with his own world, and where does a family member (except the closest one) fit in here.

So we look up to Father Christmas to rectify the situation, or so we hope.

What is best, do not bother anyone. Go on a trip to a far land, and you won’t be disappointed, in most cases.

That makes FRANCE a number one destination. Venture out of Paris. Out of the city, to the countryside.

Chateaux or castles are there to take your breath.







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