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Agricultural Monopoly in Ukraine – Monsanto realizes major project

The world is speaking about GM seeds and foods. Yet, in spite of it, MONSANTO is in full swing investing in UKRAINE, ROMANIA, (we are unaware if anywhere else), in huge agricultural projects to grow GM seeds.
We have no means to prevent them from doing so, with governments in UKRAINE and ROMANIA collaborating. These projects will send thousands of tons of seeds to the European farmers, without them knowing.
Labels of seeds will indicate : Made in EU. Certainly a problem to think about.
On the ROMANIAN project : http://govnet.ro/news/view/147

monsanto butter

monsanto butter

monsanto_tabara_fuia Romania

monsanto_tabara_fuia Romania

Wrong policies of Romania government


Monsanto1111Monsanto plans to invest $ 140 million in Ukraine.

Monsanto, the world’s largest seed producer , plans to build a seed plant for conventional maize in Ukraine , the company announced in May 2013 . The seeds are produced for the local market and for export. The agricultural land Ukraine is becoming more attractive for international agribusiness , as in a recent Communication from the Germany Trade and Invest – Company for Foreign Trade and Marketing Ltd., abbr GTAI (until 1 January 2009, the Federal Office for Foreign Trade , abbreviation bfai is a Ltd. which is wholly owned by the federal government. , but is assigned to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology . )

Ukraine was able to increase his crops enormously in recent years. Approximately 20.9 million tons of corn reaped the Ukraine in 2012. Analysts expect for 2013 , an increase of 4.3% to 21.8…

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  1. September 22, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    But will the Ukrainian seeds, with Ukraine not yet being a member of the EU, be labeled the same really? And while the “manufactured in” may be misleading – the seeds themselves need to have a name giving the game way, no? How is Monsanto to protect its IP rights if it ships seeds indistinguishable from natural crop?

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