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Nice – la Cote – South of France

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The French Riviera is one of the most intrinsic spots for vacations. Most holiday makers will be familiar with its beaches, public hot spots, perhaps Antibes or Juan les pines. But did you know, apart from the beaches, Nice also features some beautiful mountainous regions in its close vicinity.

French Riviera.

I discovered some hidden jewels, high up the French Alps, amidst pines, firs trees. No, I am not talking of Isola 2000, or St. Martin. I am referring to tiny villages, almost invisible. In the second world war these villages were know to be resistance nests for the Maquis, the French partisans. Because of the difficult terrains, it was hard to access those hamlets nestled up in the mountains in the French Alps. From such a village (which I discovered by chance, after a long and dangerous ride up a mountain) are the enclosed photographs. I found this a paradise, without comparison. There are many scenic spots around the village, all being made by nature. In summer,  so called rendonnees frequent the mountains, drawing carts with donkeys, moving from mountain to mountain, and rest in the tiny hamlets.

Nice Cote d’Azur – Images by Heinz Rainer

Pictures by aheneghana photoshelter

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