Sent to you by aheneghana via Google Reader: Who said business was
easy.. Take this: you order a large by aheneghana on 11/8/08 Who said
business was easy.. Take this: you order a large consignment of
predefined goods; Yes, all is in order, quality, price seems right.
When goods arrive at warehouse, they turn out to be off-standard,
insultingly bad.
You reject them based on the suppliers breach of agreement. Goods go
back, you receive phone call telling you you are crazy.
So much for Chinese business practice.
In fact many years of business in China have taught me one thing : ‘You
can never take things for granted’. Full stop.
There is A L W A Y S room for surprises. Never stay of guard, never.
Expect the unexpected.
Routine SCAM: You negotiate overland transport with transport agency.
Price agreed.
When goods are loaded half way, driver starts his act; Complains, goods
are too heavy, he can’t take them. Alternative : Remove the goods – or
pay up another exorbitant charge.
Know what – this is routine practice in China.
I love China – except for a few things – and this is definitely amongst
the unpleasantries one has to cope with.

Take it or leave it, your choice.
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