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Sri Lanka – thirty plus years of uncertainty

.. It’s been almost 30 years. First trip to Sri Lanka, a paradise.
Inspite of all the negative media reports, I will venture once again to this jewel of all islands.
Always remember the sunsets near the Hill Station leading to Kandy. 5 o’clock teas amidst Tea Estates, silver cutlery, porcelain cups of the finest quality. Sri Lanka has something other places do not have.
The curries, oriental flavors, cinnamon fruit stews.
Memories come back.
Eheliyagoda, the town of gems, Saphires, rubies, Catseyes, Spinnels, Turqoise.
Squaremiles upon squaremiles of Tea Estate, the origin of the “Orange Pekoe’, the prime of a all Black teas.
Now, after nearly 30 years, I managed to trace my old friend Johnny who in the 70’s came to Africa to work in the Horticultural business.
I am thrilled to meet him again, the 30 years that have passed went by so fast.
Look forward to the sunset in the hills around Kandy once again.
There ‘s nothing compared to it.




Sri Lanka, paradise of unknown proportions.
Ceylon, my dream.

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