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Where Shanghai meets the West

China 2007, Shanghai

sunny morning represents the highlight of any Shanghai
The breathtaking view of the Bund, with its imposing background the Dong Feng Ming Zhu http://www.greatwalltour.com/greatwall_pages/provinces/shanghai/TV.htm, the impressive silhouette of adjacent high rising buildings, Nanjing Lu http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Neon-Signs-in-Nanjing-Lu-Shanghais-Prime-Shopping-Street-Posters_i1551932_.htm with its world renowned Shopping Facilities, create impressions for a life time.
Shanghai is always worth a visit, see the changes of time come real, visit the ’30 s and indulge in the past in the Paramount Club, enjoy the Eateries in Yunnan Lu, see the modern crowds in People’s Square.
Enjoy Shanghai and its many delights

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