Lady of Milan – a christmas tale

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Excerpt of our post on WordPress notes :

“Milan, Italy 2013

One of our memorable experiences took place in Milan, Italy in November last year. Arriving from Nice we were late.

Late night we decided to stroll from our Hotel to Milano Centrale, the main station of Milan. What we were to see was unprecedented, a true reflection of our times.

Strolling through the cafes within the perimeters of the Milan railway station, we noticed the hectic come and go of passengers; as well as all kinds of characters of different people, races, nationalities.”

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Lady of Milan – africasiaeuro wordpress notes.

Agricultural Monopoly in Ukraine – Monsanto realizes major project

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The world is speaking about GM seeds and foods. Yet, in spite of it, MONSANTO is in full swing investing in UKRAINE, ROMANIA, (we are unaware if anywhere else), in huge agricultural projects to grow GM seeds.
We have no means to prevent them from doing so, with governments in UKRAINE and ROMANIA collaborating. These projects will send thousands of tons of seeds to the European farmers, without them knowing.
Labels of seeds will indicate : Made in EU. Certainly a problem to think about.
On the ROMANIAN project :

monsanto butter

monsanto butter

monsanto_tabara_fuia Romania

monsanto_tabara_fuia Romania

Wrong policies of Romania government

Originally posted on CrazyWorld:

Monsanto1111Monsanto plans to invest $ 140 million in Ukraine.

Monsanto, the world’s largest seed producer , plans to build a seed plant for conventional maize in Ukraine , the company announced in May 2013 . The seeds are produced for the local market and for export. The agricultural land Ukraine is becoming more attractive for international agribusiness , as in a recent Communication from the Germany Trade and Invest – Company for Foreign Trade and Marketing Ltd., abbr GTAI (until 1 January 2009, the Federal Office for Foreign Trade , abbreviation bfai is a Ltd. which is wholly owned by the federal government. , but is assigned to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology . )

Ukraine was able to increase his crops enormously in recent years. Approximately 20.9 million tons of corn reaped the Ukraine in 2012. Analysts expect for 2013 , an increase of 4.3% to 21.8…

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We like wordpress for its effectiveness and user friendliness

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We like wordpress for its effectiveness and user friendliness read more.

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What Henry Africas : Heinz Rainer – African cultures – perilous journeys

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travel with us to the rain forest of Africa. Not the usual comfort ride ..

Originally posted on The journey:

What Henry Africas

Journey to the rain forest of Guinea. 5000 miles by road. Stay with us deep in the rainforest of west Africa.

Where the green hell awaits you ..

What Henry Africas : Heinz Rainer – African cultures – perilous journeys.


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Tibiao Adventure

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Excellent description of a paradise. There are many hidden gem spots in Asia, as they are elsewhere. Tibiao Adventure sounds inviting and appealing to the adventurer.
Thanks for this well written and informative post.

Originally posted on this man's journey:

Today, let me take you to Tibiao, a hidden exotic paradise where the best part of the adventure starts from the beginning of the journey till the very end of the much-awaited final destination.


Our trip begins braving the muddy, narrow slippery road of Barangay Tuno. To your left on the driver’s side are the mountains of Antique.


Several inches from our car is a ravine. It just rained and more likely our vehicle will be swerving a bit towards the edge of that ravine. Yes, seat belts are a must.


All that rough road driving made me hungry. How about you? Let’s try some homemade peanut brittle. No need to line up. We’ll use the drive-thru.


Our first adventure, zip lining. Surprise!


Everyone should try this, atleast once in their lifetime. Scared? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have some fear of heights too but I’ll gladly volunteer to be your zip line…

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What about Henry Africas

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What Henry Africas

is about real African experience. Travel to the rain forest of West Africa by car, 5000 miles through jungle, bush, and savanna.

Henry Africas shows about African cultures , customs. Some are good, some are not.

What Henry Africas


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Neil Krug ▼

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These are awesome good pictures. Mindwanderer picked them up.

Originally posted on Blog da Marge:

Neil Krug –  American artist based in LA

1---First-Aid-Kit---Stay-Gold---Neil-Krug2 - Lauren Marie Young - Neil Krug - Low Res2---Carmen-Danae---Neil-Krug-2014---Low-ResLauren Marie Young - Neil Krug - OpticalNathalie Kelley - Patterned Tile - low resPrism-of-Threads---Jessica-Mau---Neil-KrugLana-UltraViolence---Neil-KrugJamul - Nathalie Kelley - Neil KrugHighway-Meditation---First-Aid-Kit---Neil-KrugAbuela---Neil-Krug---Low-ResFirst-Aid-Kit---Cedar-Lane-Polaroid---Neil-KrugFoals---CCTV-Session---Neil-Krug1 - Bat for Lashes - Neil Krug1---FAK---Cedar-Lane---Neil-Krug

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